23 Best Nintendo Switch Accessories (2022): Docks, Cases, Headsets, and More

The Nintendo Switch is the kind of console that once it’s in your hands becomes your new best friend. Unlike the home-bound PS5 and Xbox Series X, the Switch is portable, personal, and packed with incredible exclusives, like the recent Metroid Dread. Because you can play the Switch at home or on the road, there are a ton of extra accessories you might not usually need for a console, from batteries that let you keep playing to extra storage and a protective case.

The new Switch OLED is a fine improvement over the original. The accessories on this list should work with the OLED version unless otherwise noted in the text or buy links, though we have not tested them all on it. Some are even suitable for Nintendo’s Switch Lite, the Switch’s mobile-only sibling that cannot dock to a TV. 

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Updated November 2021: We’ve added Switch OLED links when relevant and swapped out headphone options to reflect the Switch’s new Bluetooth update. Jess Grey and Jeffrey Van Camp also contributed to this guide.

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